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PRIME is a professional manufacturer who develops, manufactures and sells submersible pumps, heatproof submersible pumps, stainless steel submersible pumps, submersible aeration machine and pipeline pump. 


Hebei Prime Pump Technology Co., Ltd


Hebei Prime Pump Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006. Company covers an area of more then 30,000 square meters. With complete process and equipment, PRIME takes all kinds of water pump technology research、development and production for core, achieve process and product 100% self-produced. We have R & D centers, 3D printing studios, lost foam foundries, machining workshops, motor winding workshops, motor and pump assembly workshops.


PRIME has an perfect laboratory for water pumps, it has been identified by government as “ Quality testing center ( PULE workstation) of Drainage and irrigation products” in Hebei province, which can carry out pump testing business, provide authority test report of water pump for users.


What PRIME produce are submersible pumps, heatproof submersible pumps, stainless steel submersible pumps, submersible motors, submersible aeration machine and pipeline pump. It also undertake customized water pumps.

All products with high efficiency. Now we have certificate of ISO , CE and the certificates of energy saving, water saving and Environmental protection.  


PRIME working team are waiting for your coming and cooperation.



Production Ability

Prime pump industry has strong casting ability. There are 4 sets of electric furnace, 13 sets of coated sand forming machine and 6 sets of lost foam forming machine. The lost foam casting meets the development trend of today's casting technology and has broad prospects.


R & D strength

The design of the lost foam casting is flexible, no sand core in traditional casting, clean and green production, high density of negative pressure casting, high strength, good finish and fast production speed, better than ordinary casting


Experienced experience

Our company takes the technical research and development and production of well submersible pumps as the core, researches and develops energy-saving submersible pumps for agricultural drought-resistant and irrigation, and environmentally-friendly and energy-saving sewage pumps for sewage treatment.


Comprehensive Service

For a long time, our company has a complete quality assurance system in ensuring product quality. We also have excellent technical staff to answer your questions before, during and after sales.